Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Using TFTP to copy a new IOS Image

Copying a new IOS version to a cisco device can done in a variety of ways, the below shows one such method

  1. Connect the port Fa0/2 of the device to your computer with an ethernet cable
  2. Change your computer IPv4 settings
    1. instead of automatically detect
  1. Turn off any firewall or policy settings on your computer that may prevent your computer being a TFTP server
  2. Run SolarWinds TFTP Server (or any TFTP server application of your choice)
  3. Start the TFTP Service
  4. On the device use the below configuration

conf t
vlan 2
int vlan 2
ip address
no shut
int fa0/2
switchport access vlan 2
wr me

  1. Do a test ping between the computer and the cisco device to test connectivity
  2. Perform a TFTP copy command on the device 

copy tftp flash

  1. Do a show flash if you want to verify the file was copied
  2. To boot from the new flash you would use the below configuration commands

conf t
boot system flash:c2960-lanbasek9-mz.122-58.SE2.bin
wr mem

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